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Eco Friendly Mobile Dustless Blasting Service Saving You Time and Money

The biggest problem with traditional blasters is heat. They create too much heat and end up warping the metal – especially when stripping a car. Our equipment uses water and an eco friendly abrasive that keeps surface temps at 74 degrees so panels on vehicles cannot be warped. Because we use water and an eco friendly abrasive this also means we don’t need to use respirator when operating the machine, and we can work in close proximity to other workers in the same area. Eliminates the expensive cost of containment.
  • Mobile Service – We come to you.
  • Fast and Efficient – Dustless blasting is 3-4 times faster than conventional surface prep methods. Jobs are often completed in hours or the same day.
  • Cost Effective – Paint strippers and air powered sanders take time and man power. The costs add up. Dustless blasting is done by one operator in a fraction of the time.
  • Add Instant Value – We can reset a vehicle’s metal to what is looks like at the factory in a matter of hours. Dirt, paint, rust, graffiti are easily removed making surfaces look brand new.

Our Services Include

Automotive Industry

Need to restore the paint job on an old vehicle? No, problem. We can set your vehicle’s metal back to factory finish in a matter of hours. Give your vehicle the look you want and get it back on the road.

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Industrial Application

Our dustless blaster makes for efficient and safe graffiti removal, heavy equipment restoration, stripe removal and even fire damage restoration. Time is money, we can get the job done fast and containment is never an issue, which means you can get back to work faster than ever.

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Marine Services

Steel, aluminum or fiberglass boats can easily be prepped with dustless blasting. Eliminate time consuming sanding. Don’t let rust and old deteriorating paint make your boat less than it is. Get out on the lake again and get back to enjoying the sun and water.

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Residential Services

You don’t have to be the owner of the house with the terrible paint job. Our dustless blaster makes easy work of paint on wood and even brick. We can remove stain and restore wood finish to freshly cut lumber. Add instant value to your home and take pride in your home again.

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