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Our Automotive Media Blasting Will Return You Vehicle’s Metal to Factory Condition

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Automotive Media Blasting

One of our most popular and highest demand services is automotive prepping, using our eco-friendly, sandless, automotive blasting technique. Whether it’s an old classic that you’re restoring, or a newer model that needs some love we can help. We can eliminate paint, rust, body filler and more. Shop owners often times use paint stripper, sanders, and lots of man power to strip a vehicle. The time and labor costs add up quickly.

"On average, we save customers 30% in cost and turn 40-hour jobs into a 3-4 hour job!"

We can easily remove any decals or sticker residue on your vehicles without hurting the paint. Our preparation gets your vehicle in perfect condition for maximum primer adherence.

Our Automotive Media Blasting Process

Getting your vehicle surface prepped is easy, fast, and cost effective.
  • We come to you – Don’t worry about the cost of getting your vehicle to a shop. We will come to your driveway or garage and do the blasting job onsite.
  • It takes us about one hour to prep the car for blasting.
  • Once we start blasting we can finish an entire car in about 3-4 hours depending on vehicle size.
  • The is little to no mess as most of the water vaporizes during the process
  • We can remove multilayered paint jobs
  • We remove rust and body filler
  • Once your vehicle is stripped we rinse it, apply a rust inhibitor,
    and dry it.
  • Our rust inhibitor gives you a maximum of 72 hours of protection – although we’ve seen it last much much longer

Eco-Friendly Mobile Blasting

Recent Work

It's time to say goodbye to warping and save money. Our mobile dustless blasting system eliminates friction and heat - so you don’t have to worry about warping metal. At Blast from the Past, we can help restore your old classic or newer vehicle. We can remove paint, filler and rust. We will blast to your specifications. Let us help get your project started!



Automotive Prepping - Fort Collins Mobile Dustless Blasting - Blast from the Past
Automotive Prepping - Fort Collins Mobile Dustless Blasting - Blast from the Past
green vintage car that has deterioration and rust - Blast From the Past Mobile Dustless Blasting
rusted car - Blast From the Past

Automotive Prepping - Fort Collins Mobile Dustless Blasting - Blast from the Past
Automotive Media Blasting - Blast from the Past Fort Collins
Vintage car after being safely restored by mobile sandless blasting from Blast From the Past
Auto Prepping - Blast From the Past

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