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"There isn’t a Surface We Can’t Prep."

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Mark and Francine Baker are the owner’s and operators of “Blast from the Past”. We’re a family owned and operated business. As Mobile Dustless Blasting experts in Fort Collins Colorado, specialized in Automotive Industry, Industrial Application, Marine and Residential Services. We also serve the surrounding areas including Loveland, Greeley, Boulder, Denver and more.

Our motto is “There isn’t a Surface We Can’t Prep.”

We don’t say this lightly. Like many of our customers we were skeptical when we first heard about dustless sandblasting. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. But we were wrong. The fact is we’re living in the technology age and “technological miracles” happen nearly every day. The problem is there’s too many to keep up with, and it’s hard to discriminate fact from fiction.

The fact is, Mobile Media Blasting really works. We would not have made the investment to start this business if it was less than what it’s advertised to be. This is the future for surface preparation and renovation. We’re very proud to be mobile blasting experts and serving the Fort Collins area with this innovative technology.

When you work with us as your Colorado Mobile Blasting experts, you’re supporting American made products and American workers.

Working with us is easy. We’re extremely responsive and have earned a reputation for customer service that has separated us from the competition.

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