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Marine Blasting Services

Whether it’s Steel, Aluminum or Fiberglass We Can Prep Your Vessel

Bringing Your Marine Vessel Back to Life

You might not think living in the middle of the country we’d offer marine blasting services. Well, Blast from the Past has you covered. There are actually quite a few accessible lakes in and around Colorado, and with the lakes come a lot of boats. For a lot of people owning boat is on their bucket list, but they can’t afford a brand new model. We give new boat owners the ability to efficiently and economically strip second hand boats and turn them into their dream boats. Likewise, if you have a boat that you’re looking to sell and want to spruce it up without all the hassle that goes with the necessary paint work to make a boat look more marketable, we help with marine blasting.

Rust Removal with No Sanding
Rust is a given with marine vessels. Our dustless sandblaster easily strips rust off steel surfaced boats in seconds. We eliminate the need for sanding when it comes to stripping multi-layer painted aluminum boats. Prop and rudders that are covered in marine growth can be cleaned faster than conventional methods.

Removing Anti-Fouling Paint With Marine Blasting

Keeping the Protective Barrier intact
Removing anti-fouling paint on fiberglass boats without removing the protective barrier coat is a nightmare to say the least. You can do it yourself with a scraper and putty knife, but your ears, hands, and every muscle fiber in your body will hate you for it. Applying a paint stripper is another option but that requires patience and a lot of time, followed by more grueling labor and a major containment issue. The better option, and more economical option is to hire us for boat blasting. We can get the job done in less than a day.

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